Yesterday started something special. On December 1st, the 10th annual The Yogscast Jingle Jam kicked off. A charity extravaganza, the Jingle Jam is hosted by YouTube channel the Yogscast and live-streamed on Twitch during the holidays. During its nine years as a charity, it has raised $17.6 million for charity, but this year could break all previous records.

Already, the donations have surpassed a million dollars. Currently, at the moment of writing this, it is at £904,899 (or $1,208,420) which is an insane amount and a new record! The money also goes directly to a charity of your choosing. …

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The internet has birthed a plethora of wild conspiracy theories, but there is one that reigns supreme above all else, that of QAnon. While many conspiracy theories of the past can be passed off as a fun aside or an entertaining plunge into an alternate reality, QAnon is an entirely different beast. Born out of the notorious forum site 4chan, QAnon has evolved into a new age religion and it seems to only be in its infancy of radicalizing many online.

But first, what is QAnon? You may have heard of it or seen its believers online and their beliefs…

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At the time of writing this, the election is still up in the air. Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots are yet to be counted, and the whole world waits in anxious anticipation of the results. At the moment, Joe Biden has a lead and is a few electoral votes from victory, yet even then, the battle is far from over. Trump and the Republican party are arming up to contend the vote in key battleground states, prepping for what could be a grueling scrap in the courts.

This was known; Trump himself has said how he intends to invalidate…

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The election is over a week over, and yet Donald Trump has not conceded. Even worse, he simply doesn’t accept the results. Going on Twitter tirades about fraud, retweeting conspiracy theories, and stonewalling any attempts at a peaceful transition. He isn’t alone, either. This weekend saw the Million Maga March in Washington, although it was 990,000 short, with such colorful characters such as the Proud Boys, Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and 3 Percenters attending the protest.

The protest was in response to the fantasy that the election was rigged by the Democrats to win the election, but also somehow not…

The last four years have been marred with incompetence, cruelty, and absolute absurdity. While the current president wants to paint Joe Biden as a radical socialist who would set fire to every institution in the U.S. and the country would crumble under him, it’s happening right now. Trump’s America is simple to define: a mistake and an attack on our democracy. The only solace is that we got a fascist so incompetent that they are leading to their own demise by their sheer lack of control or wherewithal to enact their fascistic plans.

Our economy has crumbled, held barely afloat…

Sean Duffy

Writer/activist who covers mostly politics but also anything in-between. I also enjoy writing about other things so as to break out of the monotony of politic

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